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Trumpet Shaped Neon Sign
Made in USA
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Trumpet Shaped Neon Sign

Price: $209.00
List Price: $339.00
SKU: NV-700-0165
Size: 9" Tall x 24" Wide x 3" Deep
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Price: $209.00
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What our customers say:
Trumpet Shaped Neon SignThank you for the damn new Casino Neon Sign.I was bored watching old sign outside my casino..but this Neon Sign has made me look over it again and again.

Rating: 5
Product Detail
Everythingneon Neon Signs feature hand blown neon tubing. The trumpet shaped neon sign features a plexiglass face and a single trumpet shaped tube of blue neon surrounding a silkscreen image of a trumpet. It can be hung against a wall or window, or it can even sit on a shelf. Everythingneon neon signs have a warm mesmerizing glow, and are powered by industrial strength transformers, which operate silently and more efficiently than incandescent bulbs. All you do is hang it up and plug it in - no assembly or special wiring required.
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