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Channel Letter

Channel Letters are 3D lit signs made from acrylic or metal (stainless steel, brass, or aluminum) illuminated with LED modules. Channel letter signs, also known as Lit signage, act as billboards for your brand or business. Help your business stand out with an illuminated sign on your building or storefront.

Having a large, illuminated business sign is a one-time investment, so it is essential to have the right one! At Everything Neon, our experts understand that each business and location is unique and suggest an affordable, attractive, and perfect lit sign suitable for your needs. From selecting the correct type of light sign for business to choosing the right kind of installation method, our team will work together to achieve the custom business signs you have always wanted.

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Front Lit Signage: One of the widely used options for outdoor business signs is the front-lit channel letter, composed of acrylic material, which allows inside LED light to pass through it. Different material options can be used for side/returns; examples include stainless steel, brass, or aluminum; this gives the sign a more sleek and finished appearance. Front-lit channel letters can be installed using a Raceway, Wireway, or Flush/Direct mount.

Front-Lit Channel letters provide excellent visibility for your storefront, all day and night. This type of storefront signage is a very popular choice for all your exterior building signage needs. As seen on hotels, hospitals, department stores, corporate buildings, residential buildings, malls, and exhibition halls.
Open Face Signage: Also known as open face led channel letters, LED neon tubes are exposed from the front face making it a trendy way to flaunt your brand. Exposed neon channel letters are cased in metal/acrylic, dimensional letters giving a compelling vision.

Exposed LED signs can be Flush-mounted, Raceway mounted, or Wireway mounted. Open face channel letters are a creative way to portray your message or brand. Exposed LED channel letters can be molded in creative ways for your office, café, bar, party, wedding, hotel, residential buildings, and studios.
Edge Lit Signage: Edge-Lit Signage is made from quality acrylic with stainless steel, brass, or aluminum face cover. This type of sign is illuminated from the sides, giving any brand a clean, sophisticated look.

Side lit signage is mainly used indoors, like storefronts in malls, inside a corporate building, or a Boutique. It can also be used outdoors for retail stores and small buildings like hospitals, restaurants, Studios, Cafés, and Bars.
Back Lit Signage: Also known as Reverse lit channel letters. These are fabricated from brass, stainless steel, and aluminum mounted on cylindrical blocks off the surface. LED modules or LED neon are used in the halo back projecting the light, highlighting the text or logo. Your backlit signage can also be customized based on your preference/need.

Backlit letters give a 3D impact to your brand that creates a halo feel which looks pleasant and soothing. Everything neon can provide all of your custom signs, like backlit acrylic, backlit logo, backlit outdoor signs, backlit lobby signs, LED-backlit house numbers, LED-backlit, and backlit metal signs for all of your storefront or outdoor needs.
Custom Lit Signage: There is no limit to your creativity when making a channel letter from beginning to installation. We can do it all! Channel letters include a wide range of products and can be customized without any limit. We welcome all kinds of creative ideas that our customers have. We can combine different signs like the front-lit, backlit sign, cabinet sign for your logo, or even use any custom material of your choice for the custom look.

Our experts will gladly help you with any customization needed on your illuminated signage.

Everything Neon is committed to providing you with affordable, high-quality channel letters to fit all of your signage needs.
Full Lit Acrylic Signage: Acrylic lit channel letters, also known as acrylic push-through letters, are most commonly used for custom storefront signs. Large-lit letters of led acrylic signage are made from high-quality acrylic material, allowing the entire sign to be lit. We can customize your custom lit sign to have different front and return colors, giving you more room for creativity. Acrylic letters can be installed with a Raceway, Wireway or be mounted directly.

Lit signs are highly customizable, mainly used for medical stores, general stores, garment stores, or any retail outlet storefronts.
If you have any artwork or a logo you would like us to include, please upload it here
Flush/Direct Mount

All Letters are individually and securely mounted with stainless steel hardware. All electrical components run through the wall maintaining a weatherproof seal. For ease, each letter has its electrical component, making maintenance easy.

The benefits of flush mounting:
  • Modern appearance.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Lower shipping cost.
Direct Mount Channel Letters Sign
Direct Mount Channel Letters Sign
Flush Mount Channel Letters
Flush Mount Channel Letters
Raceway Mounting

Raceway mounting is a rectangular metal that contains all electrical components and is approximately 5” inches deep. All dimensional letters are attached to the raceway mount. The metal track allows you to carry wires across a wall surface without cutting into the wall. The raceway mount only covers around 25% of the back of the sign and can be painted in any color, allowing it to be more aesthetic to its viewer.

The benefits of Raceway Mounting:
  • All electrical components are easily accessible.
  • Simple, clean install. Only a few holes for installation.
  • Lower cost and better visibility.
Raceway Mounting Channel Letters Sign
Raceway Mounting Channel Letters Sign
Raceway Mounting Channel Letters
Raceway Mounting Channel Letters
Wireway Mounting

Compared to raceways, a wireway is slim, a closed passage that houses electrical wires. Channel letters are connected to wireways the same way they would connect to a raceway. Its rectangular mounting is approx. 3’ in-depth and gives a larger footprint on the wall. Wireway mounting option can be colored to match the mounting surface or the channel letter color.

The benefits of wireway mounting:
  • Slim, clean design.
  • Easy install.
  • Bigger footprint.
Wireway Mounting Channel Letters Sign
Wireway Mounting Channel Letters Sign
Wireway Mounting Channel Letters
Wireway Mounting Channel Letters
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