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Neon Border Tubing

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28 Feet of OUTDOOR Neon Border Tubing
List Price: $649.00
Sale Price: $399.00 399
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56 Feet of OUTDOOR Neon Border Tubing
List Price: $699.00
Sale Price: $729.00 729
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90 Feet of OUTDOOR Neon Border Tubing
List Price: $1299.00
Sale Price: $999.00 999
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One Window Neon Border Tubing - Up to 28 feet
List Price: $649.00
Sale Price: $329.00 329
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Two Window Neon Border Tubing - Up to 56 feet
List Price: $699.00
Sale Price: $550.00 550
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We manufacture the highest quality NEON border tubing in the World, backed by up to a 5 year warranty.

We can make just about anything - From 1 window to 10,000 feet, delivered to your door.

In this modern world, beauty plays a major role in almost each and every area. There are many ways of giving an aesthetic look to a particular object/thing. One of the things that are most commonly used today are NEON BORDER TUBES. Its application is increasing day by day.

Neon border tubes are bright glowing tubes that are used to border a building, board, window or wall. Such tube borders change the look of an object and make it look impressive, elegant and refined. They attract people with its glamorous perspective and colorful displays.

The technology behind these Neon Border Tubes is quite simple. A small electric current which may be A.C. or D.C., is passed through the tube, causing it to glow orange-red. The exact formulation of the gas is typically the classic mixture, 99.5% neon and 0.5% argon, which has lower striking voltage than pure neon. The flickering effect in the borders can is caused due to the ionization difference between the gas – which depends upon the pressure and temperature of the gas.

There are many colors which can be used for Neon Border Tubes. These different colors help in making them more attractive and nifty. The UV radiation can be used to excite the material inside the tube and provide a wide range of various colors, including white. A mixture of neon and krypton can be used to provide green glow. Hence they are available in a variety of colors like white, orange, green, blue and even yellow.

Neon Border Tubes, hence, find applications in a many areas. Some of the applications are listed below:

  • Advertising and Sign Boards
  • High raised buildings
  • Events and Special occasions
  • Festivals and Traditional events
  • Public Transport systems
  • Residential lightings
  • Designer lightings

These Neon Border Tubes play an important role in helping the store-owners and retail outlets market their products and services and gain the attention of the potential customers. They make it look attractive by using different styles of bordering and flashing.

Even places like movie theatres and multiplexes make use of these Neon Border Tubes on the movie posters and sometimes even on screen. Just imagine sitting and watching

Jurassic Park under the effect of these lights. Even auditoriums and Planetariums enhance their effects using such borders tubes.

Nowadays there is this trend of making the interiors of their home more and more colorful and attractive. People use all sorts of designer lights to decorate their houses and neon border tubes help them in achieving this task. Even high raised buildings use these border tubes to make themselves look more presentable.

Special occasions such as festivals and marriages always are a colorful affair. And these are enhanced using Neon Border Tubes. People decorate their homes and enjoy every moment of it during festivals.

On the freeways, many hotels and motels make use of these border tubes. People driving in night find it easier to locate such places. These hotels use it in very different styles trying to attract more and more people.

The Neon Border Tube is available in the market and the following are the details that are provided while purchasing from the market:

  • Neon Border Tube lengths
  • Number of lights per length
  • The color range
  • Operating Temperatures
  • Transformer rating
  • Warranty

Now, with the increase in technology and modern science, there is an increasing need to market this new technology that helps customers and consumers meet pressing environmental challenges, to deliver comfort, convenience and electrical protection and control. Neon Border Tubes are providing this comfort.

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