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Difference between LED and Neon


  • Neon: Neon is very bright and has more lumens per watt than LED giving Neon lights the ability to cut through fog and produce that classic neon glow.
  • LED: LED lights are very also very bright and may appear clearer from farther away. LED lights may also be more visible in sunlight.

Life span and maintenance

  • Neon: Neon lights last, on average, 3-5 years but can last a decade with the replacement of the power supply every few years provided there is no damage to the glass.
  • LED: LED lights, on average, last 2-4 years. You can extend the life of an LED sign by having the power adapter replaced every couple years.

Power supply and electric usage

  • Neon: Our neon signs use UL listed transformers and require between 60 and 100 watts on average to produce their warm glowing light.
  • LED: Our LED signs are more energy efficient and they use a power adapter that requires only 10 to 15 watts on average to produce their cool crisp light.


  • Neon: Neon signs are made of hand bent, glass tubing that is filled with gasses such as neon, mercury and argon. They come mounted onto a thick plastic backing.
  • LED: LED signs are made from small individual Light Emitting Diodes that are set close together into a thick plastic backing to create a design.


  • Neon: Red and blue are the most popular and brightest colors. Neon signs also come in pink, purple, green, aqua, yellow orange and white.
  • LED: Red and blue are the most popular and brightest colors. Led signs also come in orange, yellow, green, purple and white. We recommend against using purple and white however since they are not as bright or long lasting as other LED colors.

Flashing and Animation

  • Neon: Neon signs can have part or all of the glass tubing flashing.
  • LED: Complex animation is capable with LED signs which can create the illusion of movement. LED signs can be more versatile and eye catching.

Size and weight

  • Neon: Neon signs are mounted onto a thick plastic backing which creates a protective "box" around the sign about 3" deep.
    10"H x 24"W Neon smallest
    13" x 32" Horizontal/Vertical
    17" x 30" Oval
    20" x 37" Horizontal/Vertical
    24" x 31" Horizontal/Vertical
    26" x 26" Circle
    36"H x 60"W Maximum larger size
  • LED: LED signs very light weight and thin. LEDs are set into a plastic backing that is about 1-2 inches thick.
    8"H x 20"W LED smallest
    11" x 27" Horizontal/Vertical
    15" x 27" Oval
    17" x 32" Horizontal/Vertical
    26" x 26" Circle
    36"H x 60"W Maximum larger size
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